December 20th, 2012


Photoshoot by Thomas BABEAU

Its all about family... Dedicate to all those who are supporting BKRW since day 1...

We are more than happy to share that very special fashion shoot featuring french duo music producers TWINSMATIC and made by french photographer Thomas BABEAU . First of all because they are all part of BKRW x BLACKRAINBOW family since the very beginning and because we saw grew up and become better and better into their own art and skills.

This fashion shoot is also interesting because of the way artists are able to bring you into their own universe and atmosphere. TWINSMATIC are more than regular music producers since the very beginning they are really involved into social networking and the interaction/communication with their fans. They are also the kinda first one to be that close to the consumers for who they are playing too.

They are fashion beasts. They are hype beasts. They've down their own style on this fashion shoot featuring : NIKE, NSW, BAPE, GEOMETRIC custom made GOYARD crew neck, UNIQLO JAPAN, German Army supply top, STÜSSY... and edgy givenchesque silhouettes. A great balance and a visual proposition of potentially future trends coming up.

Thomas BABEAU perfectly understand that project and dip them into a dark elegant black and white light. Not too much light just enough to make them even preppier and swagger. Light is the key specially when you are able to balance it with dark and shadows.

2013 be ready, rookies are ready to play hard for big game. #stepup #rising

  • Photographer :Thomas BABEAU
  • Hair/Make-Up :XXX
  • Models :TWINSMATIC
  • Thanks : Thomas, Pierre, Julian, Nadeem