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January 13th, 2017

PARIS RUNNING CLUB – HAPPY 2017 running season

To celebrate the whole new 2017 running season of the infamous maverick running crew PARIS RUNNING CLUB did a nice colorfull fashion shoot made with luv by french photographer Jeremy ESTEVE with the help of dutch runner Pim RINKES.

PARIS RUNNING CLUB (PRC) is one of the first urban running crew founded in 2008 by Jay SMITH (co-founder of BLACKRAINBOW AGENCY) and which did change the idea of running the city. The whole “running crew” movement started between 10 and 8 years ago thanks to a crew of NEW YORK called BRIDGERUNNERS and a crew of london called RUN DEM CREW. Then many other country did bring up a whole new energy and new visions into running culture such as NBRO from CPH, or PATTA from AMSTERDAM etc… The idea behind this global organic running network was to bring more than running into running culture and running world. A fresh whole new vibe and atmosphere.

Check the whole PRC members pictures and also french national track and field manager and #prc godfather RENAUD LONGUEVRE after the jump.


Photographer : Jeremy ESTEVE / @jrm_shot_me / www.jeremy-esteve.fr

With all the help, support and love of Pim RINKES / @pimrinkes





MONTAGE1- PRC blackrainbow

MONTAGE2- PRC blackrainbow

MONTAGE3- PRC blackrainbow

MONTAGE4- PRC blackrainbow

PRC_SHOOT_ANTO_022- PRC blackrainbow

PRC_SHOOT_AURELIE_030- PRC blackrainbow

PRC_SHOOT_BAPTISTE_008- PRC blackrainbow

PRC_SHOOT_COACH_030- PRC blackrainbow

PRC_SHOOT_DENIS_069- PRC blackrainbow

PRC_SHOOT_IRIS_068- PRC blackrainbow

PRC_SHOOT_JACQUILL_025- PRC blackrainbow

PRC_SHOOT_JAY_COACH_051- PRC blackrainbow

PRC_SHOOT_JRM_018- PRC blackrainbow

PRC_SHOOT_KHOA_069- PRC blackrainbow

PRC_SHOOT_LOUIS_031- PRC blackrainbow

PRC_SHOOT_MAX_022- PRC blackrainbow

PRC_SHOOT_PIM_017- PRC blackrainbow

PRC_SHOOT_RENAN_007- PRC blackrainbow

PRC_SHOOT_ROMAIN_026- PRC blackrainbow

PRC_SHOOT_S2T_019- PRC blackrainbow

PRC_SHOOT_TYPO_010- PRC blackrainbow

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