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April 6th, 2017

BMW x Garage italia Customs

BMW team up with Garage Italia Custom to produce  an interior and exterior designs on the BMW’s ‘i3′ + ‘i8′ design for there presentation at Milan design week 2017.

All the design has been inspired by the Menphis  Group , Italian mouvent born in  the 80’s .

bmw-i-garage-italia-customs-memphis-style-designboom-03.jpg bmw-i-garage-italia-customs-memphis-style-designboom-05 bmw-i-garage-italia-customs-memphis-style-designboom-06.jpg bmw-i-garage-italia-customs-memphis-style-designboom-07 bmw-i-garage-italia-customs-memphis-style-designboom-07.jpg bmw-i-garage-italia-customs-memphis-style-designboom-08 bmw-i-garage-italia-customs-memphis-style-designboom-09 bmw-i-garage-italia-customs-memphis-style-designboom-10 bmw-i-garage-italia-customs-memphis-style-designboom-12 bmw-i-garage-italia-customs-memphis-style-designboom-055 bmw-i-garage-italia-customs-memphis-style-designboom-social3 bmw-i-garage-italia-customs-memphis-style-designboom-social4 bmw



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